This Week in Louisiana Agriculture

This Week in Louisiana Agriculture

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Connecting Consumers and Louisiana Agriculture

TWILA, the creation of former Louisiana Farm Bureau Public Relations Director and TWILA Host Regnal Wallace, is seen on 18 broadcast and cable stations across Louisiana and nationally on RFD-TV. The program is one of the longest-running television programs produced in Louisiana. 

Each week co-hosts Avery Davidson and Kristen Oaks-White, along with TWILA's team of producers and reporters Neil Melancon, Karl Wiggers and Monica Velasquez travel the state telling farmers' stories.

Over the years the show’s content has moved beyond just row crop production to include environmental, legislative and consumer issues. The program was cited by a member of the state’s Senate Ag Committee as a “video lesson on the importance of agriculture.”




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Highlights from this week's show

Sharp Stings & Sweet Success

For most people, raising honeybees seems like a dangerous job. Even though experienced beekeepers rarely get stung, the mere threat of being surrounded by a swarm of stinging bugs keeps most people away. For one Louisiana farmer, that danger was not enough. As TWILA's Neil Melancon found out, a side career in pest removal has a pretty sharp downside.

Service & Success

Every year, approximately 200,000 servicemen and women leave active duty in the United States military. Many of these veterans are looking for ways to provide for their families, while coping with the physical, mental, and emotional scars of war. So many veterans have turned to farming as an opportunity to serve their country in a new capacity, while helping themselves in the process. TWILA's Taylor Frey takes us to Washington, LA, where one veteran's military discipline is finding fertile soil here at home.

Agritourism Spotlight -- Liuzza Land

Do you feel that??? That crisp morning air means fall weather is finally here! Now is the perfect time to load up your family and experience some of the best agritourism farms in Louisiana. This week, we’re highlighting Liuzza Land in Amite, LA, where pumpkins, games, and a corn maze offer a fun fall experience for the entire family!

Liuzza Land

TWILA Boost -- Annie the Highway Cow

It's a bird... it's a plane... it's a cow on the interstate!!! Meet Annie the Highway Cow -- an 800 pound Holstein heifer who loves to ride in the backseat of her owner's pickup truck! In this week's TWILA Boost, we show you why this bovine beauty has become an internet sensation thanks to one viral video.


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