This Week in Louisiana Agriculture

This Week in Louisiana Agriculture

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TWILA, the creation of former Louisiana Farm Bureau Public Relations Director and TWILA Host Regnal Wallace, is seen on 18 broadcast and cable stations across Louisiana and nationally on RFD-TV. The program is one of the longest-running television programs produced in Louisiana. 

Each week co-hosts Avery Davidson and Kristen Oaks-White, along with TWILA's team of producers and reporters Neil Melancon, Karl Wiggers and Monica Velasquez travel the state telling farmers' stories.

Over the years the show’s content has moved beyond just row crop production to include environmental, legislative and consumer issues. The program was cited by a member of the state’s Senate Ag Committee as a “video lesson on the importance of agriculture.”




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Highlights from this week’s show

Holding On with MFP

On May 23, 2019, Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue announced the U.S. Department of Agriculture would once again provide up to $14.5 billion in direct assistance payments to farmers impacted by foreign retaliatory tariffs through the Market Facilitation Program. The numbers are out, and some Louisiana parishes are receiving the highest payments in the country. But as TWILA's Neil Melancon tells us, that's not necessarily good news. It means Louisiana farmers are facing some of the worst impacts in the country from the international trade war.

USDA Market Facilitation Program

Attention Louisiana Rice Farmers

If you're in the #rice industry, chances are you've received a little piece of mail with some legal language on it concerning a lawsuit. Louisiana rice growers, land owners, and stakeholders have received notices informing them that they are automatically a participant in a class action lawsuit against the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry and the state's rice research and promotion boards. If successful, this lawsuit could severely impact the research and promotion boards, endanger Louisiana’s share of rice markets and imperil the LSU AgCenter. However, farmers have multiple options including when you can opt out.

A Threat to Louisiana Rice – Action Needed

Watch out: Harvest Safety Tips

Did you know that a third of all deaths on a tractor happen on public roads? With harvest season in full swing across Louisiana, TWILA’s Avery Davidson gives us a refresher about what you should keep in mind before you head out on the highway.

Shroomsville, UsA

Mushrooms are delicious delicacy that many of us incorporate into our kitchen menus. But have you ever thought about what goes into growing the friendly fungi??? This week, TWILA's Tammi Arender introduces us to West Monroe mushroom farmer, Mike Roberts, who has transformed a small space into Shroomsville, USA.

Bayou Gourmet Mushrooms


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