This Week in Louisiana Agriculture
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This Week In Louisiana Agriculture is a weekly show created to connect Louisiana farmers, ranchers, and fishermen with consumers across Louisiana and around the world. Each week, we’ll take a look behind-the-scenes of This Week In Louisiana Agriculture, one of the longest-running television programs in Louisiana.


Louisiana Farm Life

Over the years of making This Week In Louisiana Agriculture, we’ve found that there are a lot of interesting aspects that don’t make it into the finished story you see on the show. This podcast is our way to more fully tell that story. Our hope is that you better understand the issues farmers face every single day, and that they aren’t much different from you and I.

the voice of Louisiana agriculture

In each episode, we share the latest news in Louisiana agriculture. We also look at what’s happening in government that affects agriculture. We'll take you to the fields of Louisiana as we talk to a farmer about current crop and livestock conditions.  We’ll look at the markets with commentary from the Louisiana Farm Bureau Marketing Association.