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Field to Feast

Exhibiting Local Louisiana Ingredients


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Commander's Palace

January 24, 2019

It’s said that New Orleanians plan dinner while sitting around eating lunch. The Crescent City is a land brimming with gumbo, po-boys, and restaurants ranging from 150-year-old stalwarts to energetic newcomers making waves. This week, TWILA's Jennifer Finley takes us to the famous Commander's Palace in our new monthly segment, "Field to Feast."

Crawfish and Andouille Meatballs
Louisiana Crawfish Cakes
Louisiana Crawfish Promotion and Research Board


November 16, 2018

If you're craving a creative twist on Asian cuisine in Baton Rouge, then you're in luck! In this month's installment of Feasting on Agriculture, TWILA's AJ Sabine takes us to the new Soji: Modern Asian Restaurant, where Chef Ryan Andre is serving up creative Asian dishes using farm-fresh ingredients.

Stab's Prime Steak & Seafood

October 19, 2018

In Baton Rouge, Stab's Prime Steak and Seafood is the perfect place for upscale, prime-time flavor! From marquis cocktails to succulent steaks, our very own AJ Sabine shows how stab's unique cooking techniques make of the most of Louisiana beef on this month's Feasting on Agriculture.


September 21, 2018

As we’ve told you all month long, September is National Rice Month, so we’re serving rice up with a flair! On this week's Feasting On Agriculture, TWILA’s AJ Sabine brings us a taste of Oaxaca down on Old Metairie Road at the brand new Zócalo.

Cajun Tales Seafood

August 24, 2018 

We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but when you combine a trio of farm-fresh eggs and Louisiana crawfish swimming in a rich etouffee... c'est bon!!! In this month's installment of Feasting on Agriculture, TWILA's AJ Sabine takes us to Cajun Tales Seafood Restaurant where they're crackin' shells and peelin' tales to serve up the best breakfast in town!


June 21, 2018

In the heart of Cajun country, local restaurants require but one contribution from their visitors: a healthy appetite. Fezzo's Seafood, Steakhouse & Oyster Bar has satisfied the appetite of Louisiana visitors and locals for more than 20 years. But do you know the story behind one of the best known names in Cajun cuisine?

Ki' Mexico

May 11, 2018

What happens when Cinco de Mayo combines forces with the best farm to table ingredients??? It's a Feasting Fiesta!!! TWILA's AJ Sabine travels to Ki' Mexico in Shreveport in search of the best fiesta food in this week's Cinco de Mayo edition of "Feasting on Agriculture."

Driftwood Cask & Barrel

April 27, 2018

Close your eyes... and imagine the best, tastiest burger you've ever had... is your mouth watering yet?! What if that burger was farm-to-table and located in downtown Baton Rouge? On this month's Feasting on Agriculture, TWILA's AJ Sabine introduces us to Driftwood Cask & Barrel where great burgers, craft brews and custom cocktails take the downtown crowd straight to Louisiana agriculture!

Café Josephine

March 23, 2018

Where can you find a hearty helping of Louisiana farm to table??? Cafe Josephine serves up lettuce grown in Breaux Bridge and oysters from Houma. This hidden jewel of St. Landry Parish combines a home-away-from-home atmosphere and food with an attitude!

Sun Ray Grill

March 2, 2018

It's Lenten season, and rice is the perfect side dish for many of the entrees you'll enjoy this time of year. In this month's Feasting on Agriculture, TWILA's AJ Sabine heads down to Gretna, LA, where the Sun Ray Grill has been cooking up inspired fresh seafood--right out of the boat for more than 20 years!