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Episode 4 - Heath Herring

On this episode, we meet a corn, cotton, rice, and soybean farmer from Northeast Louisiana. We discuss how he got started farming, how much his wife helps him around the farm, and how proud he is to do the job that he does as a farmer. We also talk about our Ag Leadership class and the trip we made to California to learn about agriculture outside of Louisiana.

Episode 1 - Adam & Megan Caughern

Adam and Megan live in Gillam, LA. They raise cattle, own and operate a commercial hay farm, a trucking company, and a few more things to keep themselves moving all year round. They’re first generation farmers that are finding pretty creative ways to make a living and raise a family on the farm.

To read the article about Adam & Megan Caughern, click here. To watch the story on This Week In Louisiana Agriculture about Adam & Megan, check out this video. To see another TWILA story about Adam and his work helping Louisiana farmers in need of hay, see this video.

In this episode, we discuss the Louisiana Farm Bureau Young Farmers & Ranchers. To learn more about the YF&R program, check out their Facebook page or website. To see who won each of the YF&R awards, visit the LFBF Convention website.